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The Specific Application of PCA Geocell in Strengthening Foundation

Update time : 2022-09-08

1. Treatment of semi-filled and semi-excavated subgrades

When constructing an embankment on a slope whose natural slope is steeper than 1:5, the base of the embankment should be dug with steps, and the width of the steps should not be less than 1M. When the road is constructed in stages or widened, the connection between the old and new subgrade fill slopes should be opened. When excavating the steps, the width of the high-grade highway steps is generally 2M. The PCA geocells are laid on the horizontal surface of each step, and the PCA geocell’s own façade reinforcement effect is used to better solve the problem of uneven subsidence.

2. Subgrade in sandy area

The subgrade in the sandstorm area should be mainly low embankment, and the filling height is generally not less than 0.3M. Due to the professional requirements of low subgrade and heavy load bearing for the subgrade construction in the sandstorm area, the selection of PCA geocells can limit the loose filler. Within the limited height, the roadbed has high stiffness and strength to withstand the load stress of large vehicles.

3. Reinforcement of backfill roadbed

The use of PCA geocells can better achieve the purpose of reinforcement on the back of the platform. Sufficient friction can be generated between the PCA geocells and the filler, which can effectively reduce the uneven settlement between the roadbed and the structure, and finally can effectively alleviate the “bridge”. The early impact damage to the bridge deck caused by the “platform jumping car” disease.

4. Subgrade in permafrost regions

When constructing fill subgrade in permafrost areas, the minimum fill height should be reached to avoid the occurrence of tumbling or the lowering of the upper limit of the frozen layer, resulting in excessive settlement of the embankment. The unique façade reinforcement effect of the PCA geocell and the overall confinement of the effective implementation can ensure the minimum filling height in some special sections to the greatest extent, and make the filling have high-quality strength and stiffness.

5. Loess Collapsible Subgrade Treatment

When expressways and first-class highways pass through collapsible loess and loess sections with good compressibility, or when the allowable bearing capacity of the foundation of high embankment is lower than the pressure of the combined vehicle load and the self-weight of the embankment, the embankment shall also be adjusted according to the bearing capacity requirements. At this time, the superiority of the PCA geocell is undoubtedly manifested.

6. Saline soil, expansive soil

The highways, first-class highways, road shoulders and slopes constructed with saline soil and expansive soil are all strengthened. PCA geocell can fully meet the requirements of high-grade highway construction in saline soil and expansive soil.

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