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Shandong Honeycomb Thai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. located in Tai’an city, Shandong province, is a group company associated by seven productive companies, which are specialized in Cellular Confinement System products including geocell and relative accessories. We are committed to the design and construction solutions to provide our customers with the most professional and ec...
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Construction Process And Key Points of Ecological Slope Protection of PCA Geocell
Construction process of ecological slope protection of PCA geocell   Surveying and setting out slope surface and anchor ditch excavation foot protection construction filter (liner) construction geotextile laying PCA geocell laying planting s...
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The role of PCA geocell in strengthening foundation
How PCA geocell resuce the load pressure and settlement The PCA geocell has certain tension and ductility. It can make the subgrade and geocell form a continuous flexible integral structure. It can also transfer and spread the traffic load and the...
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The Specific Application of PCA Geocell in Strengthening Foundation
1. Treatment of semi-filled and semi-excavated subgrades When constructing an embankment on a slope whose natural slope is steeper than 1:5, the base of the embankment should be dug with steps, and the width of the steps should not be less than 1M...
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