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The role of PCA geocell in strengthening foundation

Update time : 2023-02-16

How PCA geocell resuce the load pressure and settlement

The PCA geocell has certain tension and ductility. It can make the subgrade and geocell form a continuous flexible integral structure. It can also transfer and spread the traffic load and the self-weight load of the upper soil to a large range, and then reduce the pressure on the lower soil and reduce the total settlement.

PCA Geocell is a mechanical soil reinforcement method. It does not change the particle composition of the filler. The geocell achieves the reinforcement effect through the interaction with the soil. The interaction includes three aspects: the lateral binding effect of the geocell, the net pocket effect of the geocell, and the friction effect of the geocell.


  • The following two aspects reflect the lateral restraint effect of PCA geocell:


  1. One is the friction effect of geocell on the soil outside the cell;
  2.     The second is the clamping effect of geocell on the soil in the cell.


  • The PCA geocell provides a large lateral binding effect on the filler. The side wall of the cell produces an upward collision bearing force on the filler. It forms a complex with a large flexural and tensile stiffness and shear strength. This complex can block the transmission of stress and displacement. It can flexibly transition and coordinate the settlement of the top surface of the semi-filled and semi-excavated subgrade. It has a net pocket effect on some loads, which makes the load distribution more uniform.


  • The friction effect of the PCA geocell is mainly in the interface between the filler and the cell wall. The conflict force causes the vertical load to partially transfer to the geocell, then it partially transfer from the geocell to the outside. Through this transfer, the foundation pressure can be reduced, and then the bearing capacity of the cushion can be increased to reduce the foundation settlement and uneven settlement.


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