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PCA Geocell-Load Support Solution

PCA Geocell is made from polymeric nano-composite alloys.To solve the problems of load distribution, base stability and surface stability of weak foundation, our PCA geocells can provide a firmer layer to distribute the longitudinal load into a wider transverse area, so the load support solution with our PCA geocell can reduce the stress on the subgrade layer.


Advantages of load support solution with our PCA geocells


Economic: With our PCA geocell, low-quality sand and aggregate materials are permitted, even on soft foundations, local backfill like soil, gravels, crushed stones, etc. can be used. Our solution can reduce the load stress, so about 30% less of the base material is required when the material can achieve the same load support requirements.


Environmental friendly: Our PCA geocell use all virgin plastic raw material, which has no harmful substances to the environment. It can also use the local and recycled backfill to improve the environmental problems.


Longer service life: The load support solution with our PCA geocells has long-term performance under heavy load, it will reduce load-related deformation and settlement, reduce pavement degradation and cracking associated with soft foundations, so our load support solution has longer service life than traditional ways to build a road, parking lot or any other projects has load support request on soft foundation.


Ecological: With our PCA geocell, we have build many ecological roads, ecological parking lots and golf courses,the greening rate and service performance are much higher than traditional concrete blocks or grass grid.


Easier maintenance: With our PCA geocell, can shorten the project maintenance period, and more easier to repair and reconstruction.


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Product Parameters


Material PCA
Color Black or customized
Height 100mm-300mm
Thickness 1.0mm-1.8mm
Welding distance 260mm-445mm
Seam peel strength 10kN/m-28kN/m

Typical Applications


Unpaved and permeable road– oil and gas production, mining, logging, military, etc.
Paved road – highway, expressway, urban road, etc.
Port and platform – port facilities, container yards, etc.
Access road
Parking lot
Golf course
Golf cart path
Transportation yard


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Services and warranty


Technical support during design and construction of engineering projects, information to be provided:
Technical data including simplified design drawing
Engineering analysis/technical overview
Similar project case study
Installation guidelines
Detailed construction instructions
Onsite instruction (if possible) or online instructions
Onsite training (if possible) or online training
24 months Return and replacement (limited to storage and construction according to our instruction)


Production Process

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If you have any similar projects and need load support solution with PCA geocell, please send us your detailed requests or the conditions of the projects, then our engineer will give you a professional solution accordingly, any of your inquiries will get our prompt attention.

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