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PCA Geocell Land Stabilization Solution for Retaining Wall

Update time : 2022-02-14

Original conditions of the project

The mountain is very famous in a national park located in Gansu Province, China. In order to build roads around it, the mountain has been damaged, the exposing hillside rocks destroy the nice landscaping , and there is a potential risk of landslides.

case study2 1 (The original conditions of the mountain slope)

PCA geocell land stabilization solution

As the client requested not to destroy any natural structure of the mountain, our engineer give the solution of building a retaining wall outside and along the mountain slope with our PCA geocell.

case study2 2(Our PCA geocell under installation)

case study2 3(Months after construction)

With green color geocell, the retaining wall form a whole structure with the nature, after the grass grow, no one can see our PCA geocell from the appearance, this is really an ecological solution for land stabilization and environmental remediation.

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