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PCA Geocell-Erosion Control Solution

PCA Geocell is made from polymeric nano-composite alloys.Erosion control solution with our PCA geocell can reduce the energy of flood, tide and wave action without losing structural stability. Surface of canals or rivers can be vegetation, gravel or concrete for better channel protection and erosion control. PCA geocell layer can strengthen the base and minimize cracking for reliable long-term drainage request.


Product Features


Cellular confinement system provide a variety of economical and flexible protection methods for open canals and hydraulic installations. The system provides stability and protection for canals exposed to intermittent or continuous flow erosion from low to high flow rates.

Due to the constraints of the honeycomb structure, the hydraulic performance of traditional protective materials such as aggregates, gravels and plants are greatly improved.

The flexible and durable armored canal lining formed by concrete infill is less expensive than traditional systems.

The design takes into account specific site conditions such as local environmental protection, ecological and aesthetic requirements, expected flow and related hydraulic stresses.

Change the surface roughness and hydraulic efficiency of the lining system to control water flow.

The drainage requirements of the embankment foundation and the potential deformation of the internal structure are solved.

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Product Parameters


Material PCA
Color Black or customized
Height 50mm-300mm
Thickness 1.0mm-1.8mm
Welding distance 260mm-800mm
Seam peel strength 10kN/m-28kN/m

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Typical Applications


Drainage ditch
Storm water diversion
Culvert outfall
Storm water containment
Green river bank
High flow velocity and steep slope

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Services and warranty


Technical support during design and construction of engineering projects, information to be provided:
Technical data including simplified design drawing
Engineering analysis/technical overview
Similar project case study
Installation guidelines
Detailed construction instructions
Onsite instruction (if possible) or online instructions
Onsite training (if possible) or online training
24 months Return and replacement (limited to storage and construction according to our instruction)


Production Process


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If you have any similar projects and need erosion control solution with PCA geocell, please send us your detailed requests or the conditions of the projects, then our engineer will give you a professional solution accordingly, any of your inquiries will get our prompt attention.

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