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PCA Geocell Erosion Control Solution for Agricultural Irrigation

Update time : 2022-02-14

Original Conditions of the Project

The agricultural irrigation main canal and branch canals were artificially excavated years ago, the original width of the main canal was 3m-5m. After years of water erosion, the canal banks collapsed seriously, and the widest part of the canal is now 10 meters wide. Serious soil erosion threatens farmland on both sides of the canals.

case study1 4

case study1 1(Original condition of the canals)

PCA geocell erosion control solution

The goal of our solution is to renovate canal embankments to prevent soil erosion, protect farmland, and beautify the ecological environment of main canals.

case study1 2(Our PCA geocell under installation)

case study1 3(PCA geocell installation finished)

The solution was very successful which renovated the canal embankments, prevented soil erosion, protected the farmland, and beautified the environment because our PCA geocell is an ecological solution for erosion control.

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