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HDPE Geocell

HDPE geocell is a honeycomb shaped 3D network structure ultrasonically welded with plastic strips. HDPE geocell can be flat surface or textured surface, and the strips can be perforated or non-perforated according to customers’ need.


Different types


Smooth and perforated
Smooth and non-perforated
Textured and perforated
Textured and non-perforated

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Product Features


The material is light and durable, and it is acid and alkali resistant;
It is expandable for convenient installation; and it is foldable for convenient transportation;
It can distribute the vertical pressure into the cell wall, which can improve the load capacity and reduce the thickness of the roadbed;
It can reduce the lateral movement of the soil, so it is resistant to deformation.


Product Parameters


Material HDPE
Color Black/Green/Brown/Grey/White or customized
Height(mm) 40-300
Thickness(mm) 1.0-1.5
Welding distance(mm) 300-1000
Seam peel strength(kN/m) 10/14.2


Application and After-Sales Service


Slope and Shoreline Protection—Solve the problem of slope surface soil stability and slope protection—roadway embankment, flood protection embankment, steep slope, bridge abutment, mountain roadside, prevent landslide especially in weathered forest, desert and marsh;

Land Stabilization—Solving the stability problem of steep slope soil— retaining wall, vegetated wall, non-vegetated wall, culvert headwall;

The River Channel Protection—Solve erosion protection, lining stability and water flow control problems— riverway, stormwater channel, ditch;

Load Support—To solve the problem of load distribution, foundation stability and surface stability of weak foundation— roadbase stabilization for road, highway, railway, airport, sidewalk, parking lot, public square.


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