Geogrid has several types including PP biaxial geogrid, HDPE uniaxial geogrid, PET geogrid, fiberglass geogrid, mining geogrid, steel reinforced geogrid, composite geogrid, etc. In some projects, some of them need to be used together with our PCA geocells, especially HDPE uniaxial geogrid to be used together with geocell in retaining walls. We are not specialized in geogrid, but our brother factories can supply these with competitive price, any demand please contact us for more.


Product Features


– High tensile strength
– Low creep deformation
– Improving bearing capacity of foundation
– Preventing cracking and subsiding
– Convenient to construct, reducing cost and maintaining expense


geogrid 7


Product Parameters


Raw Material PP, HDPE, PET, Fiberglass
Color Black
Applications Slope protection, retaining wall, load support, erosion control
Package On rolls
Roll width 1m, 2m, 3.95m, 5.95m
Roll length 50m, 100m, 150m
Tensile strength 15kN/m-600kN/m

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Application and After-Sales Service


Geogrid focus almost entirely on reinforcement applications, the following are some sample applications.
Slope Reinforcement- embankments over soft soils, extra-steep earthwork slopes, landfill liner systems, and industrial and contaminated land reclamation.

Load support- foundations of roadbeds, parking lots, railroad tracks beds, airports runways, permanent unpaved roads, construction haul roads.

Retaining wall- retaining walls, sea walls, airport noise barriers, and bridge supports.

Erosion control- spillway channels for earthen dams, levees, and waste contaminated ponds, banks for earthen canals and waterways.

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