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Geocell Installation Guideline-Load Support

This geocell installation guideline for load support is simplified, because you need to choose different construction solutions according to different conditions of the projects, such as paved road, unpaved road, ecological road, railway, etc. And the materials and accessories needed are different, please inform us the details of your specific project to get a specific geocell installation guideline for load support.


Simplified geocell installation guideline for load support


1. Subgrade preparation
The road surface should be leveled according to engineer’s instruction, large rocks should be removed.


2. Geosynthetics installation (if needed)
Usually one layer of geotextile is needed to be installed under our geocell according to the road conditions and the request on the functions, please confirm with your engineer or our engineer.


load support 5


3. Geocell installation
Our PCA geocell should be totally expanded on the road, and all the sections of geocells should be connected and fixed with our specific accessories


load support 6


4. Geocell backfill and compact
On road construction, backfill materials can be soil, sand, gravel, crushed stone, graded stone or any other local materials according to engineer’s requests. The backfilled road should be compacted for at least twice according to project design.


load support 7


5. Grassing
This process is only for ecological road, if your project is paved or unpaved road, then you won’t need this step. You should choose the grass seed according to the local soil and climate.


load support 8


Product Parameters


Recommended colors: black color
Recommended geocell height: 100mm-300mm, bestsellers are 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm
Recommended geocell welding distance: 330mm-445mm, bestsellers are 330mm, 356mm, 445mm
Recommended surface treatment: smooth (flat), textured
Recommended drainage strips: perforated, non-perforated

The above are only general recommendation, you should choose different types according to the different conditions of the projects, if you have no idea on which type to choose, our engineers will give you a professional suggestion, contact us please.


Typical Applications


Unpaved and permeable road– oil and gas production, mining, logging, military, etc.
Paved road – highway, expressway, urban road, etc.
Port and platform – port facilities, container yards, etc.
Access road
Parking lot
Golf course
Golf cart path
Transportation yard

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