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Geocell Installation Guideline-Land Stabilization

This geocell installation guideline for land stabilization is simplified, you need to choose different construction processes according to different conditions of the projects, such as gravity retaining wall, independent retaining wall, ecological retaining wall, etc. And the materials and accessories needed are different, please inform us the details of your specific project to get a specific geocell installation guideline for land stabilization.


Simplified geocell installation guideline for land stabilization


1. Subgrade/slope preparation
The slope angle should be treated to the requested type and the slope surface should be leveled without big stones or soil blocks.


land stabilization 4


2. Install layers of geocells
The geocells should be installed layer by layer, specific PCA geocell accessories should be used for connecting and fixing the geocell panels together.


land stabilization 5


land stabilization 6


3. Backfill the geocells
The geocells should be back filled with local soil, gravels and humus soil for planting grass in the very former cell of the retaining wall, you will need wheel loader, excavator or other equipment according to different conditions of the project.


land stabilization 7


Product Parameters


Recommended colors: green color, black color with facial green
Recommended geocell height: 100mm-300mm, bestsellers are 150mm, 200mm, 250mm
Recommended geocell welding distance: 356mm-712mm, bestsellers are 445mm, 600mm, 660mm
Recommended surface treatment: textured, flat
Recommended drainage strips: perforated, perforated with facial non-perforated

The above are only general recommendation, you should choose different types according to the different conditions of the projects, if you have no idea on which type to choose, our engineers will give you a professional suggestion, contact us please.


Different type of retaining walls with our PCA geocell


Steep slopes
Geosynthetics reinforced retaining wall
Gravity retaining wall
Canal retaining wall

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