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Construction Process And Key Points of Ecological Slope Protection of PCA Geocell

Update time : 2023-02-24

Construction process of ecological slope protection of PCA geocell


  1. Surveying and setting out
  2. slope surface and anchor ditch excavation
  3. foot protection construction
  4. filter (liner) construction
  5. geotextile laying
  6. PCA geocell laying
  7. planting soil backfill
  8. vegetation planting and maintenance

geocell slope protection solution 10

Key points of ecological slope protection construction of PCA geocell


1. The PCA geocell shall be covered during transportation to prevent long-term exposure and pollution;


2. If need to weld the geocell panel before construction, please wait for at least 2hours after welding;


3. When lay the geocell on the slope, open it from the slope shoulder to the slope bottom.


4. After fixing the top, please fix the edges of the left and right sides of the tensioned geocell , and then temporarily fix the bottom with an anchor. After filling, pull out the anchor;


5. The expanded geocell needs to be in full rhombus shape. It is strictly forbidden to trample on it or press it with heavy objects to cause cell deformation;


6. when fill and bury the soil, first fill the top, then fill and bury the slope from top to bottom;


7. Pave humus on the paved honeycomb cell for protection within 12h, or take other protective measures to prevent ultraviolet radiation from accelerating the aging of the honeycomb cell;


8. After overall burying, cover the soil for one-third height of the honeycomb geocell;


9. In rainy and snowy weather, please don’t install geocells.

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