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Shandong Honeycomb Thai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. located in Tai’an city, Shandong province, is a group company associated by seven productive companies, which are specialized in Cellular Confinement System products including geocell and relative accessories.

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We are committed to the design and construction solutions to provide our customers with the most professional and economic geocell products. We have the strongest productive capacity and supply ability in China. The company’s predecessor has been devoted to the production, sales promotion, research and development of the cellular confinement system(better known as geocell) since 2011. At present, the company’s engineering cases have covered Southeast Asia, Australia, Middle-east, Europe, Africa, North & South American countries and almost all provinces of China.

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Our business scope, specialize in geocell

1、Geocell production;
2、Geocell raw material R&D;
3、Geocell production line manufacturing;
4、Geocell solution, engineering and consulting.

Our advantages

1、Professional geocell solutions: have own engineers team, the only one in China who can give technical support during project design and construction;
2、Advanced technology: R&D team keep developing different types of geocells to prevent different environmental problems like soil erosion, landslide, flood erosion, water pollution, sand storm, etc.
3、Systematic: we not only supply geocells, but also supply the necessary accessories and technical support services;
4、Large production capability: we have SEVEN factories, are able to support big projects and urgent orders;
5、Quality assurance: 24 months from delivery, we have confidence in the quality of our geocells;
6、OEM & ODM are allowed in color, cell size, cell height, appearance, specifications, package, etc.
7、Low MOQ: sample order 1-20㎡, trial order 200-1000㎡

Our Factory

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Our Product

Instead of traditional reinforced concrete, our Cellular Confinement System (geocell) is made from advanced polymer composite material. Our geocells can be divided into 3 types according to different raw material and properties: PCA geocell, HDPE geocell and Specifically customized geocell, our engineers always help our partners to choose the most suitable and cost-effective one according to the different conditions of the projects.

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Product Application

Applications of our geocells

1、Slope protection: road embankment, river embankment, landfill, dam, abutment, etc.
2、Erosion control: river embankment, cofferdam, canal bottom and embankment, lake, fishing pond, drainage ditches, irrigation canal, etc.
3、Load support: paved road, unpaved road, ecological road, railway, parking lot, driveway, square, storage yard, footpath, sidewalks, etc.
4、Land stabilization: retaining wall, ecological wall, embankment and levee protection, landscape wall, vegetated ditch, sound barrier wall, etc.

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Services and warranty

Technical support during design and construction of engineering projects, information to be provided:
Technical data including simplified design drawing
Engineering analysis/technical overview
Similar project case study
Installation guidelines
Detailed construction instructions
Onsite instruction (if possible) or online instructions
Onsite training (if possible) or online training
Return and replacement within 24 months (limited to storage and construction according to our instruction)

If you have any similar projects, please send us your detailed requests or the conditions of the projects, then our engineer will give you a professional solution accordingly, any of your inquiries will get our prompt attention.

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